Zululand Explorers

A typical first day on tour

After meeting your guide as you exit King Shaka International airport, we take the time to ensure you have everything you need. This includes withdrawals or exchange of cash at any of the banks situated in the airport. Once this is sorted, we head to our fully equipped 4×4 vehicle for the start of our journey north.

If our guests’ plane arrives late in the day or they choose to not travel too far on the first day, we like to give them the option to stay over in Durban (the largest city we will be visiting on the trip). 

Durban is a vibrant city with a beautiful mix of culture and unique history. The temperature is sub-tropical and the city itself has a large surfing community and outdoor lifestyle. Activities on offer range from visiting historical sites to learning how to surf, to riding retro bicycles on the promenade at the main beach.

Zululand Explorers tours focus mainly on exploring unique wilderness destinations and places that are off the beaten track, however, we are able to arrange a number of day trips through Durban should you wish to stay there for a longer time.

If we decide to head North and not visit Durban, we exit the airport on the N2 highway and soon start seeing rural Africa come alive around us.

KwaZulu-Natal is a province almost trapped in time full of culture and traditions. As you travel north your guide will point out interesting historical sites, not to mention the stunning natural landscape. 

This is also a good time to ask your guide what to expect of the trip and where to stock up on things that you might have forgotten. All our guides are highly experienced nature and cultural guides and know the Zulu culture  and the wilderness regions like the back of their hand.

The first day we will be traveling about 3 -4 hours. Please take that into account when booking flights, or let us know so we can arrange accommodation in Durban.