Zululand Explorers

On tour: What to expect

All our guides are highly experienced nature guides. At Zululand explorers, we believe in the healing powers of nature and our main goal is to reconnect with nature through unique safari experiences like walking safaris and wild camping in Big 5 nature reserves.

A typical day on tour will consist of waking up early to go on a morning nature walk or drive before coming back for breakfast. After breakfast, we will pack up our things and proceed to our next destination. We ensure that the traveling time is no longer than 3 hours between destinations.

Our tours are planned with nature in mind. In keeping to this tradition, we will always try and include a wild camping experience for a night or two and/or a safari walk. These are the times one can reflect on nature and disconnect from the mass information overload one finds these days by being distracted by technology and social media. Spending at least one night around the fire and reconnecting to this ancient tradition is a must on our trips . This is when we get the chance to speak about what we can hear other than the usual day-to-day distractions, taking our minds back to a time where this was the only sense of safety we knew.

We also prefer home-cooked meals over a restaurant meal and you will often find your guide preparing a delicious local meal for lunch or dinner. Zululand Explorers believe in community upliftment and we usually source all our food from sustainable sources and local markets. We ask our guests to help us in this and shop from local markets and vendors.